EV Charge Hong Kong stations

Benefits and Incentives Offered for EV Charge Hong Kong stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular across Hong Kong. But, before there is the widespread transition to the electric car usage, sufficient network of the EV charging stations should be made to decrease range anxiety for the potential owners. Most of the existing infrastructure is at present located in the public areas, single-family dwellings and commercial spaces. The managers and property owners might want to think about including EV charging stations in the buildings, as an early adapter will have its own benefits, including:

User charging & parking fees

The EV charging station Hong Kong host has an opportunity of generating revenue straight from the people who are using these station’s services.

Tenant retention and attraction

Offering EV charging is the direct way for the managers and property owners to attract & retain their tenants who have electric cars. Hosting EV charge Hong Kong station is the visible way of exemplifying the building’s and property management firm’s environmental values.

EV charge

Employee retention and attraction

Buildings and companies who give charging can retain and attract employees who would like to charge their EVs during a day. Additionally, it is important to a lot of employees, those who don’t drive EVs, their building and employer is very proactive with the transportation planning.

Marketing opportunities

Each time that EV driver visits the charging station, there’s an opportunity of advertising. The station host can advertise its products and services in such way, and sell advertising space to other organization.